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Potential Scheme to Remove Mayor Don Purdy Revealed Leaving Door Open for Independent Candidates This Election

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. is the Official Deadline for Independent Petitions to be filed in the County Clerks Office located in Mays Landing. A deadline that is fast approaching for Independent Candidates to step up and file petitions for the four available seats on Council this year. The Independent Petition is listed below and 100 signatures are required according to Township Clerk TC Kay. Incumbents Mayor Don Purdy and Councilman Jim McElwee have already filed petitions to seek re-election.

The Galloway Township Democratic Club announced their four candidates on March 18, 2013. Councilman Jim McElwee, Bill Montag, Cliff Sudler and Mike Suleiman were the four candidates selected by the Democratic Party to run this year.

The Galloway Township Republican League announced their four candidates on March 26, 2013. Mayor Don Purdy, Timothy Meadows Sr., Robert Maldonado and Frank Gargione were the Republican Party's candidates for this year.

The choice for the Republican's did not come easy. According to former Republican Municipal Leader Terry Lucarelli, Purdy was not suppose to be selected by the Galloway Township Republican League as a candidate to run in this year's election. Since other GTRL members dropped out of the running to be on council, Purdy was only then selected by default, Lucarelli confirmed.

This wedge leaves a substantial opening for any independent candidate to take over a seat on Council. Several candidates, including those from the New Republican Club of which consists of several GTRL members, are chomping at the bit to run against their own members. These independent candidates have a clear chance to remove the politics from the party lines this year once and for all.  

According to members within the New Republican Club, they reached out to Mayor Don Purdy however Purdy would not respond to them.  The new Club provided a copy of an email the Club sent to Purdy stating after a meeting they had with this Publisher, they would not seek an election against him. However, the absence of a response from the Mayor and the turmoil within the GTRL has changed the minds of those within the New Club and many are contemplating a run against Purdy in November as Independent Candidates.

In weeks leading up to the GTRL vote to endorse Purdy, he was concerned that he would not have the support of the GTRL. According to Purdy, he still wanted to run as a Republican so he could continue his accomplishments on Council. After meeting with Atlantic County Chairman Keith Davis and other County Officials, Purdy tried to enlist several candidates to run with him on the Republican ticket. Of those candidates we were told by Purdy, Meadows Sr., is the only candidate left from his picks, leaving the other two, Gargione and Maldonado, to be the picks of the GTRL.

But before Purdy could even be selected as a candidate, he had to apply for membership with the GTRL. Purdy admitted he had to submit his application within weeks before the endorsement meeting. Purdy had not been a Republican Member of the GTRL since he first ran for office in 2009. 

Purdy wasn't the only one, councilwoman Whitney Ullman also had to submit an application for the GTRL. According to a Board Member with the GTRL, Ullman allowed her membership to lapse for two years. Without her membership, she wouldn't have been able to endorse Purdy as a candidate this year. 

Since Purdy was selected as a default candidate, the next move for several members of the GTRL according to Lucarelli, was to have Purdy denounced or removed from the ticket. When we asked who supported Purdy, Lucarelli stated "Coppola, Tyrrell and Ullman support Purdy. Moliver is not a Purdy Fan but also not a strong leader." 

Lucarelli continued to provide with information pertaining to Purdy and other GTRL members in hopes we would provide her information on Purdy in return. She even provided information according to her own sources on what Purdy was providing other individuals as it pertained to the settled litigation former clerk Lisa Tilton had against the Township of Galloway.

Lucarelli finally revealed her intentions on Purdy by stating, "I am looking for information that would help get him (Purdy) off the ticket. Did he do anything to effect the outcome of your case? We all know he had it out for Jody and one of our former Managers/CFO's. We know he pushed for you to be ousted along with the former Mayor. We all know he spoke of things that were discussed in executive session and we know he went after me and also Marilyn Dolcy."  In that email, Lucarelli was enlisting our help again for information we had on Purdy in order for the GTRL to use against him. "You know your stuff! What do we have?" Lucarelli stated in the email to this Publisher.

In October 2012, Purdy publicly criticized Lucarelli for her leadership as Municipal Chair of the GTRL. Purdy attempted to break away from the GTRL by stating there were 50 members that were dissatisfied with the Leadership of the Party. Purdy was not the only sitting Mayor who publicly stated their dissatisfaction with the Party's leadership. Former Mayor Keith Hartman also publicly announced his dissatisfaction with Galloway's Republican Party. 

Towards the end of our multiple conversations with Lucarelli, she finally revealed she was working with former Councilman Dennis Kleiner behind the scenes in an attempt to remove Purdy not only from the ballot, but also from Council. Lucarelli stated if she was unsuccessful with this website, she would enter dialogue with another individual of which she named, so she could along with Kleiner finally get "justice" against Purdy.

Lucarelli not only wanted Purdy removed from the endorsement, she was also looking for information that could potentially have Purdy removed from Council, including any violations of the Faulkner Act or even a lawsuit against the Township or Mayor Purdy that the GTRL could use against him in hopes he would remove himself because of the embarassment.  According to Lucarelli, the GTRL was hoping someone would sue the Township, cost the taxpayers money, just so they could seek revenge against Purdy.  

Speculation is already circling within the GTRL, that former councilman Dennis Kleiner was to be one of those individuals possibly seeking to file a lawsuit against the Township and/or Purdy. Lucarelli stated the Democratic's would have a field day with Purdy just on the former litigation with Lisa Tilton and Jody Smith, bringing the situation full circle.

But it wasn't until Lucarelli finally exposed Dennis Kleiner as a helper in getting information from this Publisher, that we learned of the true intentions the Republican Party had in order to scheme a removal of Mayor Don Purdy. Lucarelli even stated that she had control of the County Republican Party. 

These tactics are parallel to the tactics used in order to remove former Mayor Keith Hartman from Council in 2011 and pull his endorsement from the GTRL. It appears these same tactics are now headed in Purdy's direction in a steamrolling fashion. Will Purdy and his family receive threats as well that will force him to remove himself from Office? I wonder what will happen if Purdy does not give in to their scheming tactics.

Lucarelli finally sent an email and copied Kleiner on the final email exchange we had, giving us the final proof that her and Kleiner were working together. In that email we told Lucarelli and Kleiner that we did not want to be used as a "Political Football" for revenge against the Mayor. Lucarelli stated she understood and in her final statement to us, "please take care of yourself and have a productive life. You are a beautiful and smart woman."

Time will only tell if the GTRL and those outside Republican influences permeate their success and formally denounce Purdy leaving him to run a solo re-election campaign, just like former Mayor Keith Hartman. We assume they have already moved onto other embarrassing tactics against Mayor Don Purdy and perhaps other individuals.

This behavior does not belong in Galloway Township or any municipality. It is our hope, the exposure of this behavior thwarts any undue action that is about to or continues to occur. 

The Atlantic County Republican Party, including Republican Chairman Keith Davis should formally condone Galloway Township's Republican Party for this type of action against the Mayor's of Galloway Township. Mayor Don Purdy and all the other Republican candidates should also condone this type of behavior from a Party they currently represent. 

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mentalist said...

What does Jody have on Purdy? Does it have something to do with his businesses? Why did the township pay these two women money? CRAZY? Can someone please tell us the truth. PLEASE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you refer to yourself in the 3rd person?

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with this town. Threats are given out like candy. First the old publisher and now this one. Who else can expose the wrongs in this party? What happened to the site?

Publisher said... has been pulled offline but is still a website intact.

Anonymous said...

Who is the publisher of this site? We should know.

Anonymous said...

unknown publisher look up this lawsuit L-002150-13 in atlantic county

Anonymous said...

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

This is typical Republican rhetoric for Galloway. It won't go away because none of them have any courage to speak up. It's always the dollar signs on who gets the bigger donations from the Unions. It's a shame the EHT political influence came back to Galloway. Democrats will take the seats because the Republicans will all crumble on their own unless they step away from the political machine.

Anonymous said...

They won't leave because they don't know how to run a campaign on their own. Plus Keith Davis needs his money from the Club. If they leave he loses his money for the County.

Anonymous said...

Private is still Public. Rules still apply.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Prosecutors Office should be called in on this. Who else is involved in this scheme to get rid of this mayor? Walls do talk these days. Hope this website has more information to give on this scandal.

Publisher said...

A follow-up story is being worked on in reference to this.

Anonymous said...

I heard Frank Gargione is being investigated as part of this. Is it true?

Publisher said...

I can't confirm that. You can email with what is giving you that impression and I can investigate that further.

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